Unusual Chinese art image 18 Beijing Girl

Beijing Girl Zhang Xianming

Beijing Girl (2013) by Zhang Xianming Photo Artnet

This striking image of a modern Beijing girl, with her penetrating stare, her pseudo-traditional cap and, the viewer fondly imagines, bare breasts, is an oil on canvas by the well known contemporary Chinese artist Zhang Xianming who has created quite a reputation for his fantasy-based realist portraits of attractive young women. The good news is that this one could be yours to have and to hold . . .

It is currently for sale on the Artnet website (www.artnet.com/auctions). The opening bid is US$8,000 and it carries an estimate of $9,000-12,000. The price doesn’t seem out of the way if you like this sort of image . . .  the Shandong-born artist has exhibited internationally in recent years. As his style develops, we are sure his work will turn out to be a good investment. Bidding ends on April 22, so you can’t afford to hang about!

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