The Year of the Monkey is upon us!



A stylised bronze monkey made by the Shanghai sculptor Chen Dapeng (2004)

Collection of Paul & Sulee Harris

The Year of the Monkey is upon us and we take this opportunity to wish our many hundreds of thousands of readers who come to this site every month a most prosperous, happy and successful year!

The new Lunar New Year will end the year of the sheep, a less desirable birth year according to Chinese astrology, and usher in the year of the monkey.

The lucky zodiac combined with the new government policy have many predicting a bumper year for babies in China. In Beijing alone at least 300,000 newborns are expected – a 20 percent jump from the 250,000 average in recent years. German fertility drug maker Merck, has seen a boost in sales on the mainland.


Traditionally, the monkey is considered to be very lucky and amny parents have deferred the opportunity to have children during the last year, The Year of the Sheep..


it is estimated that in Beijing alone more than 300,000 children (20% extra in terms of  population demographics) will be born this New Year, or at least before the end of it!


Monkey children are said to be smart and joyful, also energetic. Accordingly, they will likely cause much extra work for their long-suffering parents!


We are not altogether sure what thos is all about . . .

year of the monkey

A most ancient view of the monkey: Yi Yuanji’s ‘Monkeys in a Mountain Landscape’ painted around 1000-1054.


Is this a rather grumpy, elderly monkey? Make your own mind up. It is downloadable from

Zhu-Zhanji-Gibbons-at-Play, 1427 Xuande Emperor

This is an early 1th century view of the monkey painted by the Emperor Xuande.




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