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Exhibitions during 2014

The Admonitions Scroll and other masterpieces of Chinese Painting

This exhibition presents major works of Chinese painting and porcelain created in SE China, sometimes known as the Jiangnan region near to Shanghai along the Yangtse River. The BM says paintings and ceramics from this region belong to the finest produced in China since the 6th century. They are promised to convey the cultural richness, prosperity and beauty of the area.

The Admonitions Scroll, possibly the Museum’s best known Chinese painting, will be re-displayed on the occasion of this exhibition, alongside silk paintings from Dunhuang in the NW of China.

April 3-August 31 2014.   Room 91 

Ming: 50 years that changed China

This exhibition will be concerned with the early Ming period 1400-1450, when China was effectively a global superpower run by one family who established Beijing as the capital and built the Forbidden City. Ming China was thoroughly connected with the outside world and this exhibition aims to highlight connections made with a wider Asia, what we now know as the Middle East, and Europe. It will encompass metal ware, textiles, paintings, porcelain, furniture, jewellery, gold and sculpture. Many of these forms were developed in China after absorption from much further afield. It is described as ‘a major exhibition’ drawing on many objects never seen before, including finds from recently discovered tombs in China.

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September 18 2014-January 5 2015  Online booking available

ming_whitelueflask_304 xuande mark, period 1426-35

Ming Vase Spotlight Tour

There will be a four venue tour of an iconic blue and white vase, dating from the Xuande reign, and which is the largest in the BM collection. This is said to be ‘in celebration of Ming collections across the UK, exploring the impact that this dynasty has had on Chinese identity at home and abroad.

At The Burrell Collection, Glasgow April 12-July 6 2014

At Weston Park Museum, Sheffield July 12-October 5

At Bristol Museum & Art Gallery October 11 2014-January 4 2015

At The Willis Museum, Basingstoke January 10-April 4 2015

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