Chinese art old and new performs well at London Olympia

The Olympia International Art and Antiques Fair in London (June 5-15) saw several new exhibitors, some of whom were offering Asian art. There were diametrically opposed offerings by two Chinese specialists, Schutz Fine Art, who offered contemporary abstract paintings, and Ajassa Chinese Antiques.

SONY DSC Wang Xiaosong Soul of Emptiness

First time exhibitor Schutz Fine Art from Vienna mounted a show of the work of two contemporary Chinese artists, Wang Xiaosong and Hua Li. This was something of a new departure for an event not generally known for its contemporary art and even less so for Chinese contemporary offerings.


Wang Xiaosong The Opening of China (right)

However, it appears that Schutz’s participation was successful. Two paintings were sold within the first 48 hours: works by Wang Xiaosong, who describes himself as creating “realistic manifestations of the abstract.”. First to sell was a large oil on canvas, Soul of Emptiness, which had a marked price of £28,000. it is understood that total sales of around £100,000 were achieved at the stand.


Aldo Ajassa with some of his exhibits

Very different Chinese offerings were available from Turin-based dealers Ajassa Arte Antica Cinese. Well-established dealers in Chinese antiquities (the business opened its doors in 1980), owner Aldo Ajassa was on the stand where he explained that there were very significant collections of Chinese ware in his part of Italy. ‘There are many private collections, some very old and we are often able to buy.’ Certainly, his stand displayed some tantalising  pieces: we particularly like a pair of 18th century black ground vases with a superb glaze. Aldo said that he made very good sales during the first two days of the fair and that most were to new clients. He regarded the acquisition of new clients as a significant achievement of the event.


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