Chen Chengwei tip for buyers of Chinese contemporary art

We note that yesterday Paul Fraser of the well known collectibles site, published his tips for four ‘hot’ contemporary artists who he thinks will gain wider recognition (and higher prices) during 2014. He tips Chinese artist Chen Chengwei saying ‘the hype around Chengwei is growing but has yet to reach fever pitch’.

chen chengweiChen  Chengwei : artist to look out for . . .

Chengwei, born in 1984, is already commanding healthy prices at auction in China. His works are meticulously executed in a very individual photo-realist style and, as such, represent virtually precise, richly colored copies of people and scenes depicted. For some people, they may not exactly be the most exciting or challenging works but they do, nevertheless, demonstrate considerable reserves of skill and application.

chen chengwei village memory

Village Memory

In November 2013, Beijing Huachen Auctions achieved a price of US$12,919 for his picture titled Village Memory and his total sales value at auction last year reached $442,000. His best price ever, $71,187, was achieved last year at Poly International Auction House in Beijing for China No. 4 – Beauty.

chen chengwei 'china no.4 beauty' China No. 4 – Beauty

Doubtless, we shall hear more of Chengwei in the short/medium term. Whether or not his works stand the test of time depends on trends in the wider market.