Tang taste for the voluptuous revealed

Ben Janssens TEFAF (1)

Going Through Ben Janssen’s handsome 2015 catalogue, just officially launched at TEFAF, we were struck by the elegant simplicity of this Tang dynasty pottery figure of a court lady, most probably someone of great importance.

This charming mid-8th century piece tells us much about the Tang predilection for full-bodied, voluptuous women. The positively plump figure with the hairstyle known as ‘falling horse bun’ (duomaji) represents the apogee of beauty at the time. This concept of beauty is rounded off by cloud-shaped shoes and a high waisted robe which falls in pleats to the floor. The lady represented here might well have been concubine to the Emperor (the painting  Emperor’s Favourite on a Spring Excursion depicts a woman similarly dressed in the form of concubine Madame Guoguo).

You could have a piece of that, so to speak, for 75,000 euros . . . More information at www.benjanssens.com.

Ben Janssens TEFAF (2)