Marchants to show Kangxi blue & white with copper red

Marchant’s of Kensington Church Street, London, have announced a new exhibition to coincide with Asian Art in London and which opens in a few days time. The selling exhibition will contain 34 pieces of outstanding porcelain carefully selected and is entitled Kangxi Blue and White and Underglaze Copper-Red.


No.7 A Chinese imperial porcelain blue and white and underglaze copper-red deep bowl, wan, with upright sides, painted in the well of the interior with a carp leaping from crested waves beneath the sun, amongst three lotus flowerheads and a prunus flowerhead, encircled by a wide band of two carp, crab, prawn, shells, arrow heads and aquatic plants on a stylised wave ground, beneath a further blue-ground crested wave band with copper-red prunus flowerheads at the rim, the exterior with three further carp and a mandarin fish on a wave ground amongst lotus and prunus flowerheads.

7.80 inches, 19.8 cm diameter.

The base with a six-character mark of Kangxi within a double ring in underglaze blue and of the period, 1662-1722.

Wood stand

  • Formerly in the O’Byrne Collection.
  • Exhibited at The Oriental Ceramic Society exhibition, The Animals in Chinese Art, 1968, no. 507.
  • Formerly in the Sachot Collection, France.

Emperor Kangxi reigned from 1662–‐1722, the longest reign in Chinese history. It was a prosperous time for the nation in economics and trade as well as in the arts; it was a great period for production of high quality porcelain


No.2 A Chinese porcelain blue and white and underglaze copper-red basin, painted on the interior with a large praying mantis on rockwork, beneath branches of prunus with a butterfly in flight above large leaves painted with a light blue wash, bamboo and daisy all encircled within a double ring, the cavetto painted with flowering chrysanthemum and peony beneath prunus branches on the flat everted rim, the underside supported by a wide foot rim. 14 1Ž4 inches, 36.2 cm diameter.

Early Kangxi, circa 1670-1673.

  • Purchased from Marchant, London, 28th May 1985.
  • Sold by Christie’s, New York, in their auction, An Era of Inspiration, 17th Century Chinese Porcelains from the Collection of Julia and John Curtis, 16th March 2015, lot. 3580.
  • A similar basin in the Percival David Foundation of Chinese Art at the British Museum, with figural decoration and an inscription on the base ‘made in the Xinhai year of the Kangxi reign (1671) for the Hall of Chinese Concord’ is illustrated by Rosemary Scott in Elegant Form and Harmonious Decoration: Four Dynasties of Jingdezhen Porcelain, 1992, no. 110, p. 105, collection no. PDF 653.

 The exhibition comprises of 34 Kangxi pieces in a variety of forms, including eight ‘mark and period’ ones, many with copper red details. Although none of the exhibits are cyclically dated, the exhibition has been arranged in chronological order so far as is possible utilising comparisons with similar items in important collections like the Percival David Collection..


No. 17 Chinese porcelain blue and white vase of baluster form, ping, with cylindrical ribbed neck and gently flared rim, painted with a continuous mountain river landscape scene, with two scholars and their attendant carrying a wrapped qin, while crossing a rockwork bridge leading to a house at the river’s edge, all amongst pine trees and wuti, with banks of low clouds and mountain peaks beneath the moon, the neck rib divided by bands of ruyi-heads, scrolls, key-fret and jewels.

17 5/8 inches, 44.8 cm high.

Kangxi, circa 1690.

Wood stand.

  • From a private American collection, San Francisco.
  • Formerly in the Roy Davids Collection, no. 123.
  • Included by Michel Beurdeley and Guy Raindre in, Qing Porcelain, 1986, no. 53, full colour page p. 49

Early style and technique can be identified by bold freehand painting, as seen  with an Imperial fish bowl which comes with impeccable provenance of the O’Byrne collection and Sachot Collection and which was exhibited in an Oriental Ceramic Society exhibition. 

The exhibition will be held at Marchant’s well known gallery at 120 Kensington Church Street from the 2nd-8th of November. A catalogue will be available priced at £100. It will also be online at