Highlights of 2015 on Chineseart.co.uk

We look back on the year 2015 as reflected by the pages of Chineseart.co.uk

January 2015

London dealer Anita Gray offered this exquisite Kangxi figure for sale. Hardly surprisingly, it was snapped up in a matter of hours!


February 2015

Brought the sale of contents at Eden Hall, in the Scottish borders, by the Rt Hon Lady Loch. There were several items brough back tothe UK from Yuanminguan by the 1st Baron Loch (background and below a pair of sancai roof tiles).

Rt Hon Lady Loch


The month also saw a spectacular, hihgly organised theft from Fontainebleau. Fifteen items were stolen from the Chinese collection, many of which had been looted from Yuanminguan by French soldiers. There has been no sign of them being recovered and the artefacts are reckoned by experts to have been ‘repatriated’ to China.


March 2015

the Shanghai-based sculptor Chen Dapeng announces his participation in the Olympia Art & Antiques Fair, November 2015 (below).


April 2015

We visit the porcelain city, Jingdezhen, for a series of articles. Below, The Jingdezhen Porcelain Orchestra.


May 2015

We ask if Chinese billionaire Liu Yiqian (below) has got his money back from producing copies of his US$36m. chicken cup. He drinks from the original below, and also the boxed reproduction which sells at around $60 !

wpid-liu-drinks-from-chicken-cup-lr.jpg.jpeg wpid-chicken-cup-boxed.jpg.jpeg

June 2015

We reported from Taipei on the chronic overcrowding at The National Palace Museum.

National Palace Museum (6)

July 2015

We turned our attention to the Chinese fashion industry in our article The Traditional Etihc in Chinese Fashion goes International. Below is Guo Pei’s stunning twist on Chinese blue and white porcelain. Also fashion label Doudu’s ‘Bodybelt’, a modern piece of lingerie based on traditional underwear.

guo pei hk fashion wk


August 2015

We published this photogrpah of a painting offered for sale at the June Olympia Art & Antiques Fair: the mystery gil with the penetrating gaze, artist unknown. Nobody volunteeered any information who she might be!



September 2015

London dealers Marchant, Kensington Church Street, celebrated their 90th anniversary with a collection of magnificient jades they had handled over the years.

Marchant jade 2

October 2015

A top Chinese official warns on the widespread destruction of the country’s cultural heritiage at the hands of tomb robbers and property developers. Below a photograph of the unique colonial style Arxan Shan Railway Station in northern China, destroyed by property developers.

 arxan shan railway station

November 2015

Chinese sculptor Chen Dapeng celebrates the opening of his first exhibition in London The Winter Olympia Art & Antiques Fair. His 200 sq m stand was organised by his UK agents Paul Harris Asia Arts. His bust of HM Queen Elizabeth II (below) proved controversial and received massive TV, radio and press coverage. It was, however, only one sculpture out of almost fifty works on display.

Paul-Olympia 29


December 2015

The Berlin-based online auctioneer Auctionata put up a small Kangxi dragon vase for sale estimated at euro 5-10,000. It started at 5,000 and rose giddily to the heights of euro 875,000 – almost a million dollars.

lot lot34 dragon vase cu


Mandarin version: Relics of 2nd Opium War and destruction of Yuanminguan on market

1st BARON LOCH巴夏礼和,出生1827-1900 aide LORD ELGIN,他是先锋队英法联军的大将, 他参加了二次鸭片战争,巴夏礼和是英使团派前去清廷谈判的代表,他代领39人前去谈判,被清廷扣留入狱,被关在北京的监狱地牢里,在地牢里,他的手被拧过后背,脚也被拧到后面,手脚悃在一起用锁链锁在柱子上,在狱中叫(铐牛)在狱中他受尽了折磨,其中有20明使者被活活折磨至死,清廷迫于英法的压力,后来释放了巴夏礼和,他出狱后立即返回英军,遂决定报复清廷杀害使节这野蛮行为,极教训中国以后不得蔑视英国极法国,策划了联军火烧了圆明圆,300多名太监宫女死于无辜,英法联军刮分了圆明圆所有的无价之宝……


巴夏礼和返回英国后,居住在爱丁堡市郊的别墅里,Drylaw House后来迁移到Edenhall house, 他的第四代重孙子巴夏亨利Henry  Baron,1982年那年是他唯一的女儿出生了,女儿出生后不久,巴夏亨利就死于心脏病,他的妻子The Honorable Lady Loch带着她的女儿一直生活在Eden Hall house。


The Honorable Lady Loch 以决定要卖掉Eden Hall house这个别墅,估价是一百二十万英傍,就在2015年3月7号这天,在Eden Hall house 的家中卖掉了家中的家俱字画古懂……


保罗哈利斯买到了三件贵重物品,俩件象牙雕刻品,一对天马鼎瓦,跟椐The Honorable Lady Loch 的介绍,这三件物件是1st BARON LOCH 巴夏礼和的物品,

也就是说是在火烧圆明圆时掠夺过来的 ,是见证圆明圆见证历史的宝物,现在保罗哈里斯收藏这这三件宝物,他愿意与所有热爱历史喜欢收藏的各界朋友共同探讨与交流,谢谢 !

This is a Mandarin version of our English posting of March 8 available at http://chineseart.co.uk/auctions/opium-war-chinese-treasures-surface-at-scottish-auction/





Opium War Chinese treasures surface at Scottish auction

eden hall

Eden Hall, home of Lady Loch and the scene of Saturday’s sale

A number of Chinese art works, previously unseen, surfaced this weekend at a country house sale in the Scottish borders. Wooller-based auctioneers Railtons, acting on behalf of the former Rt Hon Lady Loch, sold off more than 300 lots at the Loch family home, Eden Hall, near Kelso. The lots included several Chinese items acquired by the 1st Baron Loch whilst working as a soldier and diplomat in China during the Second Opium War, which conflict culminated in the destruction of the Old Imperial Summer Palace (Yuanminguan) in 1861.

The items sold – intricately carved ivory pieces and two ornamental roof tiles – were acquired by Henry Brougham Loch (23 May 1827-20 June 1900), later 1st Baron Loch, in China in 1861 as the Second Opium War came to a violent conclusion. In April 1860, he accompanied Lord Elgin to China as secretary to the embassy despatched to ensure compliance of China with treaty engagements.

NPG P1700(44b); Henry Brougham Loch, 1st Baron Loch by Unknown photographer

Henry Brougham Loch who took home Chinese treasures, acquired in the Second Opium War and the destruction of Yuanminguan, in 1862

During the advance on Peking, together with the UK’s ‘man in China’ Harry S Parkes, a small party of officers and The Times correspondent Thomas Bowlby,Henry Brougham Loch was seized by the Chinese whilst flying a flag of truce. The whole party was imprisoned in Peking: most were tortured and many died. Loch survived his incarceration in a dungeon but would never fully recover from his injuries.

However, he stayed on and witnessed the retaliatory destruction, on the orders of Lord Elgin, of the old Summer Palace (Yuanminguan), just outside Peking,  in 1861. He returned to Britain the following year with trophies from the campaign, of which the ones below were handed down through the Loch family by descent and sold at auction at Eden Hall on March 7 2015 on the instructions of Sylvia Hawkins, The Rt Hon Lady Loch (the fourth, and last, Lord Loch, her late husband, died in 1981).


Two Chinese roof tiles from the Loch collection

In the catalogue of the sale the origin of some of the items sold is erroneously attributed to The Boxer Rebellion (the 1st Baron died in England as this was taking place).  His involvement in The Second Opium War is, however, extensively recorded. Speaking to chinesart.co.uk on Saturday before the auction, Lady Loch confirmed that she had made an error in recollection and confused the Boxer Rebellion with the Second Opium War, when British and Indian prisoners were taken by the Chinese.


A unusual beautifully carved ivory pomegranate from the Loch Collection

Most of the Chinese lots, including those illustrated here, were bought by chineseartinscotland.co.uk. Said Sun Yumei, a partner in the business, yesterday, “It is very rare to get the opportunity to buy Chinese artefacts with impeccable provenance, especially ones with a connection to the destruction of Yuanminguan. The parasol handle was clearly made for a very important person and we are convinced of its Imperial association, judging from the quality. We shall be offering it for sale on our website very shortly.”


An exquisitely carved ivory parasol handle once owned by a very important person and part of the Loch Collection.