Shanghai painter Wu Lifan exhibits at Edinburgh Festival

P1120111Painter Wu Lifan at the Edinburgh Festival last Sunday  Photo by Paul Harris

Shanghai ink and wash painter Wu Lifan has been showing his work at the China Arts & Culture Festival, part of the Edinburgh International Festival Fringe. Speaking at the Festiuval on Sunday, he made a plea for the survival of traditional Chinese ink and wash painting as China builds and great new constructions dominate the landscape.

Wu Lifan was born in 1977 and has been practising traditional Chinese painting for mpore than 30 years. His accomplished ink and wash style depicts China’s natural subjects like the mountains, rivers, plants, flowers, waterfalls and clouds. He seeks to reflect the spirit of Mother Nature at all times. In that respect, he follows in the established and respected tradition of the scholar-artist but with a modern twist in terms of style. He believes that ink and wash creates texture and quality which transmits a three dimensional sensation when applied to paper. He showed more than 20 examples of his impressive body of work at Edinburgh’s prestigious International Convention Centre.

P1120131 P1120132

Two examples of the ink and wash paintings shown by Wu Lifan at the Edinburgh China Arts & Culture Festival, part of the annual Edinburgh International Festivals programme.