Newark weather dismal but spirits were high


Newark Antiques Fair June 2 2016. Many a true word in jest!  Photo Paul Harris

June 2/3 saw the great antiques fest that is the Newark International Antiques & Collectors’ Fair, the largest held anywhere in Europe. Thousands of antiques industry professionals shouldered their way through the crowds of buyers in search of ‘finds’ on the densely packed stalls of exhibitors in aircraft-hangar sized halls, cowsheds and marquees.

The weather may have been dismal on the trade day Thursday (entry £20, or £55 before 9 am) with skies overcast and a chill north easterly which made it seem more like an autumn day.Nevertheless, spirits were high amongst exhibitors. Put that down to optimism if you like, but sales appeared to us to be brisk. What’s more, most exhibitors were prepared to deal and those who were found themselves rewarded with sales.


A foxy exhibitors stand at Newark.  Photo Paul Harris


They say sex will sell anything but this ‘lady’ remained unloved at Newark! Photo Paul Harris


I remember watching the Coronation on one of these! A Bush 12inch TV now selling at £90 . . .  Photo Paul Harris

The photographs above may suggest that there was an awful lot of junk on sale, sometimes posing as antiques or collectables. True. However, if you really cast your eyes about and penetrated the ephemera and the paraphernalia, there were gems to be found. Below we post some images of examples of Chinese art we bought at the Fair. There were some very collectable things there if you looked hard . . .

P1120001 Detail of a Chinese stone seal bought from a Dutch dealer Picture courtesy Chinese Art in Scotland

P1110985 Chinese Soapstone fun carving of monkey group Picture courtesy Chinese Art in Scotland

P1110962 A Yixing teapot signed and with Tongzhi reign mark Picture courtesy Chinese Art in Scotland

P1110946 19th century large Chinese bronze guanyin Picture courtesy Chinese Art in Scotland

P1110931 Well decorated 19th century Chinese vase Picture courtesy Chinese Art in Scotland

P1120019 An 18th or 19th century bronze Buddha on fitted stand Picture courtesy Chinese Art in Scotland

All the above objects, discovered at the Newark Fair can be seen on the Chinese Art in Scotland website