Chinese art auction house to launch new initiative in London

exclusive sloping to top  from Paul Harris in London


Paul Harris with Haiying Yu at Duton’s Westminster offices Photo Sun Yumei

A successful auction house based in Tianjin, China is to launch a radical new intitiative in London early next month. Duton’s, an established specialist auctioneer of Chinese paintngs since 1999 and which has already established an office in Westminster, London, will mount a curated exhibition of around 100 selected pieces of Chinese art from November 3-6 at The Grosvenor House Marriott Hotel on Park Lane.


One of the prize exhibits in Duton’s exhibition: Lotus & Egrets Kangxi Baluster jar, provenance Eskenazi Ltd (2014)

APPRECIATION OF CHINA will feature around 100 pieces of quality Chinese art – mainly Ming and Qing porcelain but also including ivory, rhino horn and Tang pottery – will be on display. The exhibition is curated by Dutons UK-based general manager Haiying Yu, an established dealer in Chinese art in the UK ho has given up her own business to join Duton’s. Speaking yesteday she explained. ‘We want to make a new bridge between collector and dealer. The auction business at the moment is awkward with problems in finding new works to sell and with so many fakes. For gallery owners, the business is rather flat. We want to build a new stage to present works to serious collectors.


Chairman of Duton’s, Mr Geng Du, with a Kangxi piece which will be exhibited next month October 3-6 at The Marriott Grosvenor House  Photo Paul Harris

‘We aim to do this by mounting a series of exhibitions showing pieces we have thoroughly researched. They are drawn from important collections worldwide. In  many instances, the owners will be prepared to sell the works on display. This will represent a new way for collectors to trade their works with other collectors, or with dealers.’

The exhibition will open on November 3 and there will be a champagne reception on November 4. Michael Leung, Hong Kong collector and formerly Chairman of Sotheby’s China Institute, will give a lecture on ‘How to Collect Chinese Porcelain’. There will be a catalogue available as either in electronic form or hard copy as a published book.

Says Haiying Yu, ‘In some ways we are going back to the mounting of private exhibitions as practised earlier in the 20th century during the 1920s and ’30s. We expect this will be the first of many international exhibitions to be mounted by Duton’s.’


Sun Yumei of Chinese Art in Scotland with Duton’s Chairman Mr Geng Du last week at the company’s Westminster offices