Ana Perez Grassano paints Chen Dapeng sculptures

6 Grassano and Chen Dapeng with the first painting in Songjiang, Shanghai last week

French-Argentinian artist Ana Perez Grassano has just returned from Shanghai, China, where she has painted several of the sculptures of Chen Dapeng, the important Songjiang-based sculptor. We have previously written about Grassano and her cooperation with Chen Dapeng. She is based in Paris and first met Chen Dapeng during his exhibition at Le Carousel du Louvre in November 2013. Chen Dapeng has recently announced that he is to exhibit at this years Olympia Winter Art & Antiques Fair in London (November 2-8). His exhibit is being organised by Paul Harris Asia Arts. Our picture below shows Grassano, Harris and Chen Dapeng after making the announcement in Shanghai on March 29. SONY DSC

Shanghai sculptor Chen Dapeng announces Olympia exhibition: welcomed by Minister for Foreign Affairs

From Paul Harris in Shanghai SONY DSC The renowned Shanghai sculptor Chen Dapeng today opened a major retrospective exhibition of his quarter of a century of work and took the opportunity to announce publicly that he will exhibit at this year’s Olympia Winter Art & Antiques Fair (November 2-8 2015).


More than 150 people attended for the announcement and exhibition opening. Minister of Foreign Affairs Xie Wei speaks.

Following his successful exhibition at the Carousel du Louvre in 2013, he now seeks to expose his body of work to the British audience. Several Chinese government ministers and other dignitaries attended the event which was held in the grounds of The Dragon Building in the Songjiang suburb of Shanghai.

The Dragon Building, built in the shape of China’s most significant emblem, was designed and built by Chen Dapeng and, together with other associated buildings, provides studios, workshops, offices and home for the 53 year-old sculptor. More than 150 guests from the media, government, business and academe attended the event which also featured tai chi demonstrations, and traditional Chinese music and dance. It was also attended by Ana Perez Grassano, the Paris-based Argentinian artist who is in Shanghai to paint Chen Dapeng. The event was filmed by Xinhua News Agency and Shanghai Television. It is an integral part of The Shanghai People’s Festival 2015.


The Minister of Foreign Affairs from the office of the government of Shanghai (now a region of some 25 million people), Mr Xie Wei, welcomed Mr Chen Dapeng’s efforts to export art from China to the west and evinced his support for the Olympia exhibition. Mr Chen Dapeng also publicly announced that Paul Harris Asia Arts ( has been appointed to represent him in the UK and to organise his exposure at Olympia. Paul Harris Asia Arts is a sister business to

A 200 sq m series of stands have been booked at the Olympia event and it is thought he may well be the largest single exhibitor at the Winter Art & Antiques Fair, the most significant public exhibition of its type held in the winter months.

Sculptor Chen Dapeng to work with French-Argentinian painter Grassano

The Chinese sculptor Chen Dapeng is to collaborate with the French-Argentinian painter Ana Perez Grassano, it has just been announced. Dapeng, who mounted a much acclaimed exhibition of 39 of his sculptures at The Louvre in Paris last November, is to exhibit his works in Britain 20215-16. The two met at The Louvre.


By all accounts, Grassano was captivated by Dapeng’s sculptures, which the French press dubbed as the work of ‘the new Rodin’. The two have agreed to enter into a collaboration which will involve Perez incorporating the sculptures into her bold non-figurative expressionist-style paintings.

Said Chen Dapeng this week, “This is both a practical and a symbolic union for the two of us. This year is the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and France.” Accordingly, this union of talents is, it is understood, is to be supported by the Chinese Ministry of Culture Department.

Perez was born in 1969 in Rosario, Argentina, and has lived in France since 1993. She is a qualified architect and practises architecture and designer professionally. She developed her talents as an artist in the atelier of Martin Reyna. It was announced recently that the sculptor has entered into an exclusive marketing agreement in Britain with Paul Harris Asia Arts Group.

chen web8Dapeng: The New Rodin? Study from his Louvre show last year.