Tanya Baxter Contemporary shows Chinese artists at London Olympia

zhao-kailin-awaiting-oil-on-canvas-58-x-48-cm_high-res Zhao Kailin Awaiting oil on canvas 58×48

London Kings Road gallery Tanya Baxter Contemporary will be showing several contemporary Chinese artists at The Winter Art & Antiques Fair which takes place at Olympia November 1-6.

Our eye has particularly been taken by the work of Zhao Kailin (above) and Zeng Chuanxing (below). These super-realist works enjoy a remarkable clarity of vision and superb technical ability in the depiction of detail. 

A master of the contemporary realist oil painting movement, Zhao Kailin studied the form at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, graduating in 1991. Drawing from the Western tradition of portraiture and composition as well as Chinese culture, he narrates the direct gaze of his seated subjects, usually female, with a quiet aesthetic that speaks of inner beauty. Zhao was born in 1961 in Anhui, China. He currently lives and works in Los Angeles, CA. 


Zeng Chuanxing Paper Bride in Waiting oil on canvas 110×140 cm


Zeng Chuanxing White Paper Bride oil on canvas 50×60 cm

Zheng Chuanxing was born in 1974 and in 1999 graduated from Oil Painting Department of Fine Arts College of Central Nationalities University, Beijing (BA)

Zeng Chuanxing was born in Longchang County, Sichuan Province. His realist paintings depict young, beautiful minority girls and women and reflect both a return to classicism and a subtle, yet poignant commentary on the effects of the Cultural Revolution and the influence of Western society on modern day China. While the majority of his artist contemporaries have explored and implemented more contemporary modes of expression, Zeng favors a more classical tradition of painting for its unique ability to not only clearly express his own feelings, but, almost more importantly, for its ability to serve as a window to understanding other people’s feelings, thoughts and emotions.


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