Qui Jie work features at Palm Beach

Our attention has been drawn (once again) to the powerful pencil of Chinese artist Qui Jie when an invitation to Michael Goedhuis’s upcoming US exhibition popped up in our mailbox. He is to be showing in Palm Beach February 14-17 at The Jewelry, Art and Antique Show.


Qui Jie Contemplation of Plum Blossom (2010) Graphite on paper 100x140cm.

We liked his work when we saw it in November 2013 at Michael’s Asian Art in London show. He very effectively puts a modern twist on recent Chinese history, in this case the era of The Red Guards in the 1970s and early¬†’80s mixing traditional images of plum blossom with the satirically angelic figure of a Red Guard apparently upbraiding an attractive and well dressed bourgeois woman who waves him away with a distinctly unauthentic little red book which, the viewer assumes, does not incorporate the thoughts of Chairman Mao. It is a very powerful work, meticulously executed.

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