‘Experts’ rejected record-breaking Chinese celadon vase!

There are experts and there are experts . . .  Many of the so-called experts, when it comes to the crunch, have just about the same chance of spotting a winner as the rest of us! This was vividly highlighted ten days ago at a sale at a small provincial saleroom in Wales. A 19cm. celadon vase was entered into the regular fortnightly sale at the rooms of Peter Francis of Carmarthen. It was modestly estimated at £150-250, having been rejected by ‘Chinese experts’ appointed by executors of a London estate. And so, the vase was packed off unceremoniously to the remote Welsh saleroom where it produced a house record of £114,500 hammer (buyer’s premium to be added). When it was exposed for sale there was a protracted 15 minute bidding session between a Chinese dealer in the room and an online bidder in China (PRC mainland). 165,000 vase The vase (pictured above) is, in fact, now reckoned to be an original prized Yongzheng era (1722-35) vase. Said auctioneer Nigel Hodson, “I started the bidding at £500 and the internet just melted. We knew something was happening . . .”. Apparently, the rejected items from London have produced a total of around £500,000 for the Francis rooms, with more to come tomorrow, November 18th. Maybe worth a look . . . .

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