Asian Art in London II The Oriental Ceramic Society Exhibition is a stunner!


Far and away, our favourite absolute highlight of AAL has been The Oriental Ceramic Society display in New Bond Street, courtesy of Sotheby’s, CHINA WITHOUT DRAGONS: RARE PIECES FROM ORIENTAL CERAMIC SOCIETY MEMBERS. There have been some absolutely startling pieces of ceramic art on show from earliest times to the late 20th century. The only problem with this stunning exhibition as we see  it is that it is on for such a short time – just a few days, closing November 9. Surely it would have been possible to allow as many people as possible to view these unique pieces during the whole course of AAL?

Here, anyway, are our firm favourites:

ed-ocs-at-sothebys-sancai-horse-figureExtraordinary! The only word for this remarkable object which is catalogued as a pottery zodiac figure of a horse in sancai glaze ‘Tang dynasty 7th or 8th century’. Well, we have certainly never seen anything like this before! There is evidence of a sense of humour here which is not exactly typical of Tang . . .

ed-ocs-at-sothebys-kangxi-blackamoor                    A glazed biscuit porcelain figure of a black attendant standing on a lotus leaf. Late Kangxi and formerly in the Rockefeller collections.

ocs-at-sothebys-20th-c-grisaille-pot An outstanding 20th century piece from the Jingdezhen kilns: brushpot painted in grisaille and coloured enamels.

ocs-kiln Well, cute is hardly the word for this one. Apparently, this is a 19th century glazed biscuit pouring vessel in the form of a kiln decorated with butterflies. It is a beautiful piece but it appears to us remarkably modern in its conception and form. It must have been created by a great talent . . .

If you miss the exhibition, you can at least put your name down for the catalogue. It will be published next Spring, 2017, at a pre-publication price of £50. Enquiries by email to It will, however, be sent free of charge to members of The Oriental Ceramic Society. Membership for a UK member costs just £55 so it seems a no-brainer to sign up today and get your catalogue f.o.c.!

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